2023 Digital Transformation Awards: Recognising Leaders in Digital Innovation

The 2023 Digital Transformation Awards, presented by Business Awards UK, recently celebrated the trailblazers in the digital realm. This prestigious event honoured companies and individuals who have significantly influenced various industries through their innovative digital strategies and solutions.

2023 Digital Transformation Awards Winners
●        Akeno Ltd – Ecommerce Transformation Excellence
●        Azerbaijan Public Employment Agency (APEA) – Best Agile Transformation
●        Fusion Education People Solutions – Best Digital Transformation In Education, Large Business Digital Transformation
●        Impress – Best Health Digital Transformation
●        MillTechFX – Innovation In Digital Transformation
●        Molo Finance – Small Business Digital Transformation
●        Montgomery Coaching & Consultancy – Digital Transformation Triumph Over Adversity, Digital Transformation Diversity And Inclusion Champion
●        TechCare – Best Cybersecurity Transformation
●        Texaport – Customer Service Excellence From Digital Transformation
●        Towers Associates – Excellence In Cloud Transformation
●        Trade House Media – Best Startup Digital Transformation

2023 Digital Transformation Awards Finalists
●        Akeno Ltd – Customer Service Excellence From Digital Transformation
●        Exos Systems Limited – Best Startup Digital Transformation, Best Agile Transformation
●        Fusion Education People Solutions – Digital Transformation Triumph Over Adversity
●        MillTechFX – Best Startup Digital Transformation, Small Business Digital Transformation
●        Towers Associates – Digital Transformation Triumph Over Adversity
●        Trade House Media – Small Business Digital Transformation
●        Tectah – Excellence In Cloud Transformation, Ecommerce Transformation Excellence, Large Business Digital Transformation
●        Texaport – Innovation In Digital Transformation, Best Cybersecurity Transformation

2023 Digital Transformation Awards Individual Award Winners & Finalists
●        Winner: Dr Paul Cleverley, Infoscience Technologies Ltd – Best Digital Leadership
●        Finalist: Oliver Aleksejuk, TechCare – Best Digital Leadership
●        Finalist: Surendra Reddy Challapalli, Citi – Best Digital Leadership

The Digital Transformation Awards of 2023 served as a testament to the transformative power of digital technology, showcasing how companies like Akeno Ltd and Fusion Education are redefining traditional industries with their innovative approaches. Impress’s recognition highlighted that digital transformation transcends business boundaries, impacting even the most personal sectors like healthcare.

The achievements of the winners and finalists set a forward-looking trajectory for the future, where digital innovation continues to redefine what is possible. Congratulations to all the pioneers leading this digital revolution. For further details or interview requests, please reach out to the Business Awards UK team.

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