The Quintessential Gift for the the man who has everything: ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ by Fraser Metcalf

Finding the ideal present for the gentleman who has amassed it all is made effortless with Fraser Metcalf’s latest literary offering, ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’.

The ordeal of gift shopping for men, evidenced by popular Google search terms like ‘What to get the man who has everything’ and ‘Cool gifts for men’, is adeptly addressed in Metcalf’s book. Published by Stanley Rose publishing, this guide unravels the complexity of selecting and ordering beers across the globe, enriching readers with the linguistic prowess needed to do so.

The book serves as a humorous yet insightful expedition through the world’s beer cultures, armed with useful tips and intriguing anecdotes. It positions itself as the perfect gift for anyone with a zest for beer and exploration, ensuring they can order a beer anywhere without hesitation.

Fraser Metcalf, the award-winning author behind this insightful guide, holds the view that the memorable quality of a beer is often tied to the context in which it is consumed.

“The beers you really remember,” he asserts, “are the ones you drink in special places and on special occasions. I’ll remember a beer in a beach bar watching the sun going down over the ocean long after I’ll remember what it tasted like.”

The concept for the book was born out of a light-hearted beer drinking session with friends, leading to the epiphany that travel guides seldom cover the crucial aspect of beer selection and ordering. This gap in travel literature inspired ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’.

The book has quickly become a favourite among those seeking unique gifts for beer lovers and globetrotters.

Spanning 197 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and showcasing 161 iconic beers, the book offers a comprehensive and enjoyable guide to the world’s beers. Each country is given its spotlight, enhanced by bespoke illustrations, making the book a practical travel accessory and a stylish coffee table book. A beer checklist at the end serves as a fun tool for beer enthusiasts to document their tasting experiences.

From uncovering the taboo of toasting in Hungary, discovering Africa’s highest pub, to the Roman Emperor who inaugurated Rome’s first pub, ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ is brimming with fascinating beer facts and trivia.

Available online and on Amazon, Fraser Metcalf’s ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ stands out as the go-to gift for the discerning gentleman.

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