Greg Lindberg Launches Revolutionary Anti-Aging Programme in New Book

Greg Lindberg has revealed a groundbreaking anti-aging programme in his most recent publication, LIFELONG. This programme promises to stave off illness and decelerate the aging process. It is a secure, effective, and feasible daily regimen designed to foster inner excellence and facilitate personal and professional triumphs.

Rooted in scientific research and extensive experimentation, the programme is structured around three mainstays: fast and feast, mental and physical challenge, and exposure to cold and heat. While each component is demanding, they collectively promise transformative outcomes.

“This programme is the prescription to getting rid of all of your other prescriptions,” Lindberg stated. He describes the combination of fasting, feasting, exercising, intellectual enrichment, cold and heat exposure, and social engagement as the formula for halting aging and unlocking self-transformation and success.

Lindberg’s regime includes fasting for 18 to 90 hours weekly, daily exercise spanning 60 to 90 minutes, exclusive water consumption, regular cold showers, half an hour in the sauna, and tackling strenuous mental challenges. He emphasises that feasting is equally crucial, recommending high-quality proteins, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts during such times.

“Every mile starts with the first step,” Lindberg remarked. He advocates for a gradual approach to the programme, focusing on incremental progress and habit formation. He shares his personal experience of a weekly 90-hour fast and rigorous physical and mental challenges over the past three years, acknowledging the time taken to develop such discipline but highlighting the transformative impact on his life.

Lindberg stresses in his book that this programme is a lifelong commitment demanding unwavering discipline and focus, more than just a fleeting remedy. He advises comprehensive blood and allergy tests, and consultation with a healthcare provider before embarking on this journey.

Detailed insights into this life-altering programme are available in Lindberg’s latest book, LIFELONG, now on sale on Amazon.

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