Watermans Hair Growth Champions Partner with Miss England 2024 as Headline Sponsor

In an exciting development for the world of beauty and wellness, Watermans, the esteemed hair growth brand, has proudly announced its role as the headline sponsor for the upcoming Miss England 2024 competition. This collaboration is heralded by Bhasha Mukherjee, a former Miss England and NHS doctor, who has courageously spoken out about the often-understated issue of hair loss.

Founded in Yorkshire by Gail and Matt Waterman, Watermans has carved a niche for itself as the Original Hair Growth company, earning widespread recognition and the prestigious Queen’s Award for its innovative approach to hair care since its inception in 2012.

This partnership aligns with Miss England’s 2024 charitable initiative, “Balls to Cancer,” showcasing Watermans’ dedication to charitable causes. Angie Beasley, Director of Miss England, shared her excitement about this collaboration, particularly praising Watermans for their generous contributions of the ‘Grow Me’ hair growth shampoo to chemotherapy wards across the country.

Bhasha Mukherjee, who made history as the first British Indian to win the Miss England title in 2019, has openly discussed her own experiences with hair loss. She commends Watermans for their commitment to addressing a topic that affects many yet remains shrouded in silence.

The inception of Watermans was inspired by Gail and Matt Waterman‘s personal encounters with hair loss, leading to the creation of a brand that combines decades of hair salon experience with innovative, effective formulations. Their focus on quality and customer satisfaction has catapulted Watermans to international success, with products being sold worldwide every 30 seconds.

The endorsement of Watermans by Miss England 2024, as noted by Angie Beasley, signifies a pivotal moment, celebrating the collaboration with a leading British hair growth brand. As Jessica Gagen, the first redhead Miss England, gears up to represent the country at the 71st Miss World in India, this partnership underscores a shared vision of diversity and empowerment.

Watermans looks forward to the national final of Miss England 2024, scheduled for 16th & 17th May 2024 at the Grand Station Wolverhampton, where the winner will advance to the 72nd Miss World final.

Stay updated on Watermans’ impactful journey with Miss England 2024 by visiting the Watermans website for more information.

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