High Definition Hair® Announces Expansion to London, Offering Revolutionary Human Hair Wig Solutions

High Definition Hair®, the pioneering brand renowned for its innovative approach to human hair wigs, is thrilled to announce the opening of its new location in London, United Kingdom.

The company’s new location opened on 20 May in Hanover Square, marking its 20-year anniversary since it was founded by Marilyn Niccole Paul in June 2004.

High Definition Hair® has revolutionised the wig industry with its groundbreaking cap construction that eliminates the need for bangs to hide unnatural hairlines, or traditional install methods involving glue, tape, gel, or makeup used to install commercial lace wigs.

The expansion to London signifies a significant milestone for High Definition Hair®, driven by overwhelming demand from customers in the United Kingdom. Situated in the prestigious 17 Hanover Square, W1S 1BN, the new location offers a haven for individuals seeking personalised wig solutions. The new location aims to provide expert craftsmanship tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Expressing her excitement about the London launch, Marilyn Niccole stated: “We’re thrilled to bring High Definition Hair® to London, meeting the demand for high-quality, natural-looking wig solutions in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to empower clients by offering versatile, natural-looking hairpieces that will help them achieve their desired look and boost their confidence and comfort, all without the need for, or dependency on stylists.”
Marilyn Niccole’s journey began in the heart of Washington DC, where her passion for wig craftsmanship blossomed during her childhood in the historical Ford’s Theatre, where the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. From assisting with her mother’s wardrobe and makeup departments to honing her skills in wig construction, Nicole’s expertise culminated in the creation of High Definition Hair®.
With over three decades of experience, Marilyn Niccole and her team have crafted wigs that are not only versatile and natural-looking but also effortless to put on and remove, setting a new standard in the industry.
What sets High Definition Hair® apart is its patent-pending cap construction, which allows clients to don and remove their wigs at will, without the hassle of traditional installation methods. Unlike conventional lace wigs that require meticulous application and maintenance, High Definition Hair® wigs eliminate the need for bangs, offering clean, product-free hairlines and unparalleled versatility in styling.
With a client base comprising individuals facing hair loss challenges due to medical conditions like chemotherapy or alopecia, as well as those seeking glamorous style enhancements, High Definition Hair® serves as a beacon of confidence and empowerment.
Eboni from Los Angeles said: “I promise all of you, this was the BEST purchase I’ve ever made in my life. I have a crazy hairline and a huge head, and she customized it so thoroughly that even my own mom and sister could not tell it was a wig. I’ll never go back!”
To celebrate the Grand Opening of the new location, High Definition Hair® will offer exclusive incentives for early bookings, including discounts on first orders and complimentary care supplies. Additionally, clients will receive a free two-week subscription to the VIP hair group, where Marilyn Niccole will personally offer wig tips, guidance, and support.
High Definition Hair® invites individuals in London to experience the next evolution in wig craftsmanship, where beauty meets innovation. For London customers interested in booking appointments, visit the Contact Us page on the High Definition Hair® website.

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