Glitter, Glamour, and the Reality of Beauty: Louie Spence Joins ‘The Aesthetic Effect’ Podcast

The Aesthetic Effect Podcast is delighted to welcome Louie Spence in an open-hearted discussion about Aesthetic Perfection. Hosted by Flavio Refrigeri, the Clinic Director and Founder of Fiore Aesthetics, the podcast’s newest episode, “The Pressures of Aesthetic Perfection”, features the iconic dancer, choreographer, and media personality, Louie Spence. In this episode, Spence offers his distinctive perspective on the beauty industry and the impact of social media on beauty norms.

Louie Spence, a well-recognised figure with a career spanning decades, is famed for his roles in Pineapple Dance Studios and his participation in shows such as “Dancing on Ice” and “Celebrity Big Brother”. His autobiography “Still Got It, Never Lost It!” and numerous television appearances have cemented his status in the entertainment sector.

In this compelling episode, Spence and Refrigeri explore the intricacies of the aesthetic industry, discussing the influence of social media on beauty ideals. They delve into the pressures faced by public figures and how these challenges are mirrored in society. Spence’s entertainment industry insights, combined with Refrigeri’s aesthetic knowledge, offer an enlightening view on the topic.

Produced by Digital Aesthetics, a specialist marketing agency, The Aesthetics Effect podcast is renowned for its captivating and educational content. This episode is a must-hear for those interested in the intersections of beauty, entertainment, and social media.

“The Pressures of Aesthetic Perfection” is now available on all major podcast platforms. Join Flavio Refrigeri and Louie Spence in this intriguing conversation that illuminates the changing standards of beauty and the influence of social media on public opinion.

About The Aesthetics Effect Podcast: The Aesthetics Effect is a renowned podcast focusing on contemporary trends and scientific breakthroughs in the beauty industry. Hosted by Flavio Refrigeri, it features insightful dialogues with various specialists and celebrities, making complex aesthetic treatment topics accessible and captivating.

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