Viral TikTok: First-Time Single Mum Candidly Shares 10 Parenting Mistakes in 10 Months

Beth Page, a single mother to 10-month-old son Oliver, has become a viral sensation on TikTok after candidly sharing some of her significant mistakes as a parent.

Beth, who also juggles her responsibilities while studying psychology at the University of Edinburgh, has turned to TikTok to offer her experiences and insights, including a candid confession of the parenting mishaps she’s encountered.

In one TikTok video, Beth, with the handle @everythingbethhh, lists ten things she believes she’s messed up in the past ten months, attracting over 607,000 views.

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“Some days, having my baby is the best thing I’ve ever done,” Beth shared with “The feeling of love for your child is incredible, and I was always meant to be a mother. But there are days that everything feels so overwhelming. I sometimes feel spread so thin that I don’t feel I’m doing anything right.”

Beth noticed that conversations with other mom friends at baby groups often avoid discussing mistakes or struggles. She felt there was a prevailing need to prove oneself as a perfect mother in today’s society. But when she started talking about her parenting errors, she noticed that other moms shared similar experiences, inspiring her to share them on social media.

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Beth’s TikTok video stitches together ten clips of her and Oliver, each accompanied by a written admission of a mistake:

Wrapping your child up too much: Beth mentions the mistake of excessively bundling her baby, fearing he might get too cold, only for him to sweat.

Refusing to accept help: She acknowledges insisting on doing everything herself, rejecting assistance from others to prove she could handle it all.

Leaving a child unattended momentarily: Beth recalls leaving her baby alone, thinking he wouldn’t move, and how he fell forward onto his face (she reached him within seconds).

Worrying about others watching your child: She admits fearing that something terrible would happen to her baby if anyone, but her looked after him.

Too much pressure on foods: Beth discusses putting excessive pressure on herself to make everything homemade when introducing solids, realizing that as long as they’re fed, it’s alright.

Too much cash on baby stuff: She mentions buying expensive swings and furniture, only for her baby to prefer a cheaper bouncer from Amazon.

NOT STANDING HER GROUND: Beth confesses to not advocating for everything she wanted during the newborn phase, as she was in survival mode.

Thinking I am a terrible mother: She recounts the incident of accidentally cutting her baby’s finger while clipping his nails and the fear of being perceived as a bad mother.

Feeling guilty for contact napping: Beth admits feeling guilty for contact napping, fearing she might spoil her baby by not putting him down.

NOT GIVING MYSELF ENOUGH CREDIT: Finally, she reflects on not giving herself enough credit for being a single mother while studying at university.

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Beth’s post has garnered over 45,600 likes and numerous comments from fellow mothers praising her honesty and sharing their experiences and struggles.

Beth concludes with a message of support to fellow parents, emphasizing the challenges of motherhood and the importance of offering support rather than judgment.

“Motherhood is hard enough as it is without negative comments, and it’s okay not to have everything together all the time,” Beth asserts. “We’re all in the same boat and need to support each other.”



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