Influencer Jodie Weston Defends Lavish Spending on Son Despite Criticism

Jodie Weston, a London-based influencer and DJ who appeared on Channel 5’s “Rich Kids Go Skint,” is defending her extravagant spending on her one-year-old son, Koa, despite facing criticism from other parents. Weston, who recently spent £7,000 on a four-day trip to celebrate her son’s first birthday and regularly buys him designer clothes and toys, believes in enjoying life within her means and making precious memories.

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Weston and her son recently travelled first class on the Eurostar to Paris, staying in a suite at a Disneyland hotel. They are planning a weekend city break in Budapest, staying in a five-star hotel and flying first class.

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While Weston enjoys the luxury lifestyle she can afford, she acknowledges that some parents judge her for her spending habits. She has received comments such as “Who takes their son to Disneyland for his first birthday?” However, she believes in living for her happiness rather than conforming to social norms.

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Weston also invests in her son’s wardrobe, which includes designer brands like Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. She spends approximately £1,000 monthly on clothes, baby toys, and food hampers for Koa.

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Despite facing judgment from some quarters, Weston remains unapologetic about her choices. He believes in balancing her career as a DJ with her role as a mother to ensure her son’s future security.


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