Honouring Industry Leaders: The 2023 Security Awards

The 2023 Security Awards, a prestigious event dedicated to recognising excellence within the security industry, have recently been announced. These awards laud the dedication, innovation, and exceptional performance of security firms in delivering superior security solutions and services, making a significant impact on safety and risk management across various sectors.

2023 Security Awards Winners

  • Gent Security Ltd – Best Security Guarding Company
  • Gardant Security Limited – Security Company of the Year
  • LINK Security NW – Best Family Run Security Company
  • Fairtech Solutions – Best Security Technology Innovation
  • ISON Security Ltd – Best Managed Security Service Provider
  • CultureAI – Excellence in Risk Management

2023 Security Awards Finalists

  • Gent Security Ltd – Security Company of the Year
  • Gardant Security Limited – Best Security Technology Innovation
  • LINK Security NW – Security Company of the Year, Best Managed Security Service Provider
  • ISON Security Ltd – Best Security Guarding Company
  • Broadstone Risks – Excellence in Risk Management

The 2023 Security Awards showcase the crucial role that security firms play in ensuring public safety and effectively managing risks. These accolades serve to recognise the innovative strategies and committed services of both the award recipients and the finalists, highlighting their vital contributions to the security sector.

For more information regarding the 2023 Security Awards or to set up interviews, please contact Business Awards UK.

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