New Range of Electromechanical Security Bollards Launched By Pilomat

Pilomat, a leading bollard manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new range of electromechanical security bollards. The products aim to provide reliable access control with sustainability benefits.

Rather than a hydraulic unit to raise and lower the barrier, electromechanical bollards utilise an electric motor system. As a result, this offers significant advantages compared to traditional hydraulic models including reduced environmental impact, lower noise levels, and decreased maintenance requirements.

The advanced motor technology ensures smooth, rapid movement of the bollard for responsive control of vehicle access. The risk of fluid leaks is also eliminated by removing hydraulic components, improving overall reliability and durability even under high usage conditions.

EM Series – Reliable, Efficient Access Control

The new EM series from Pilomat includes three electromechanical bollard models – 275/EM 600A-800A, 220/EM 600A-800A and 127/EM 600A-800A. With sleek cylindrical bodies in normal or stainless steel, they offer an excellent quality to price ratio, providing efficient access control for applications like pedestrian areas, business car parks and private driveways.

Controlled by an integrated electronic unit designed for systems of up to 9 bollards, the EM series can handle frequent operation up to 1000 cycles daily. The telescopic bollard is powered up and down by the internal electromechanical actuator at smooth speeds, and features an anti-corrosion treatment for maximum durability over time.

The bollards measure 273mm, 220mm or 127mm diameter, with heights ranging from 600mm to 800mm. This allows selection of appropriate resistance levels, while maintaining fast operation and low environmental impact.

EMB Series – Robust Protection for High Security Zones

Pilomat’s new EMB series of HVM bollards offer robust anti-terrorist protection using innovative electromechanical technology. Models 275/K4EMB 900A-1200A and 275/K12EMB 900A-1200A are designed to provide unparalleled defence for maximum security applications such as research centres, military bases, airports and government buildings.

With large 273mm diameter cylindrical bodies up to 1200mm in height, the EMB series bollards provide immense impact resistance certified to internationally-recognised PAS 68, IWA-14 and ASTM M50 (K12) standards.

The energy-efficient brushless motor design prevents overheating, providing consistently high performance and increased wear resistance. This guarantees a longer service life with reduced maintenance needs. Rapid operating speeds are maintained through hundreds of thousands of cycles, keeping security consistently high.

A rigorous durability test by Pilomat confirmed that the 275/K12EMB model can reliably handle over 200,000 continuous cycles. This simulates an extremely demanding usage profile of 6000 cycles daily in tough outdoor conditions.

The EMB series deliver robust protection with the advantages of electromechanical operation – reduced environmental impact, minimal noise and upkeep.

Macs Bollards to Offer New Electromechanical Range

Pilomat’s advanced new electromechanical bollards will soon be available from leading UK supplier Macs Bollards, alongside their current top selling P series automatic hydraulic bollards.

Damian Corcoran of Macs Bollards says: “We look forward to giving our customers access to Pilomat’s latest innovation in electromechanical bollard technology. The environmental and performance benefits make them a great addition to our extensive range.”

Visit today to browse Macs Bollards’ current selection of static, semi-automatic and automatic rising bollards. Expert advice is available to help you implement the ideal vehicle access solution for your site.

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