New Plates4Business Hub for Private Number Plates Launched by Plates4Less

  • Plates4Less have seen an increase in b2b demand, with more businesses than ever choosing to invest in private number plates in 2022-2023.
  • They have launched an online Plates4Business Hub containing guides with useful information and advice, as well as a dedicated hub where clients can be put in touch with a business specialist advisor.
  • The top reasons why businesses across the UK are now choosing private plates are to help with disguising their vehicle ages, keeping track of fleets, and improving marketing efforts.

A new Business Hub has been created by Plates4Less and added to their website. Plates4Less are a leading supplier of private number plates in the UK. The hub has been created to help business owners and decision makers to find and buy personalised number plates for their vehicles. The launch comes as the company noticed their business client purchases double in volume.

The Business Hub can be accessed at The new section of the website contains search and investment tips, ownership advice and a contact form for business clients who would like to be connected with a specialist.

Private Number Plates, which is part of VRM Swansea, are usually considered luxury items for car enthusiasts but, for companies across the UK, private plates for business also provide investment, cost saving and marketing opportunities.

With this in mind, experts at Plates4Less have released insights into this industry. They have revealed the surprising amount of UK businesses that are now investing in private number plates.

“Over the last year we have noticed that our business client base has more than doubled.“ explained Antony Clark, from Plates4Less. “Replacing number plates on an ageing fleet has always been a cost effective way of maintaining brand image but recently we have been surprised by just how many of our most notable sales have been conducted through businesses.”

The expert elaborated on why he believes more businesses are choosing private plates. He said:

  • Improve vehicle branding and recognition

“Marketeers are always seeking out new opportunities. A number plate can be seen as advertising space. A well-chosen plate can be really funny, distinctive and memorable.”

  • Generate online content

“When a brand is establishing an online presence, it can be difficult to think of new and engaging content. An attention-grabbing plate can handle that, we see ‘Toilet humour’ on number plates for plumbers and ‘fetching’ plates for dog walkers.”

  • Fleet vehicle management

“Easy to remember number plates can provide a great way to differentiate between identical vehicles.” 

  • No maintenance investment opportunity for portfolios

“Compared to other investment opportunities, well-chosen plates are low-cost/ low-effort and can be fairly liquid assets if chosen wisely.”

  • Disguise the age of a vehicle

“We sell some low priced plates specifically for this purpose, called Cover Plates. These are usually low-priced and can be in sequence. Any private plate, even ones that are very personalised, can hide your vehicle’s age.”

VRM Swansea have been offering exceptional service to clients looking for private number plates since 1997. The recent development of the Plates4Business Hub is the natural next step towards helping companies with their needs and they look forward to adding additional functionality soon.

Antony added: “Client feedback has always been at the centre of everything we do and the Plates4 Business Hub is no different, we’ll be adding to the area over time with new features and options for our valued business customers.”

Clients who contact Plates4Less Business Solutions can benefit from:

  • A dedicated account manager who can assist with finding the best number plates for your brand, budget and preferences.
  • A free valuation service for existing number plates, which they can sell for free with VRM Swansea.
  • A fast and secure transfer service, with documentation hand delivered to DVLA HQ (also in Swansea).

VRM Swansea – Plates4Less is a well-established agency for buyers and sellers of private number plates in the UK. It has over 67 million registrations on its books, and the most technically advanced smart search engine to help clients find the perfect plate. Trading since 1997, the company has more 5 star reviews on Trustpilot than any other agency in its field of expertise.

Despite the name, Plates4Less hold the UK record for negotiating the sale of the most expensive private sale to date in the United Kingdom, at in excess of £600,000 in 2022.

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