New Data Reveals Most Targeted Cars in Vehicle Thefts

A recent study conducted by Tesco Bank has unveiled the surprising statistics of car thefts in the UK. According to their data, it’s not luxury brands like Ferraris or Porsches that thieves are primarily after. Instead, Fords have emerged as the most common targets, constituting a substantial 17% of all car theft insurance claims.

Land Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, and Vauxhalls are also among the vehicles frequently stolen, accounting for 11%, 10%, 8%, and 8% of theft claims, respectively.

An intriguing detail from the study reveals that black Land Rovers are the vehicles most commonly pilfered, surpassing blue Fords in this unfortunate category. The data also specifies that cars manufactured in 2016 are most susceptible to theft.

The analysis identified Birmingham as the hotspot for car thefts, responsible for 8% of all insurance claims. London follows closely behind with 7%, and Sheffield rounds up the top three with 6% of all car theft claims.

Another striking revelation is the popularity of black vehicles among car thieves, comprising 26% of all insurance claims. Grey cars follow at 19%, with white vehicles accounting for 17% of claims. Additionally, the data indicates that a significant number of car thefts occur between midnight and 7 am when most owners are asleep.

The Tesco Bank study has laid bare the scale and nature of car thefts in the UK, providing essential insights into the vehicles most at risk and the areas with the highest theft rates.

Furthermore, the study highlights that cars manufactured between five and eight years ago are responsible for a significant 40% of all car theft claims. Among these, vehicles produced in 2016 are particularly susceptible, representing 12% of theft claims.

It’s essential for car owners to be vigilant and take precautions to protect their vehicles from theft. Some of the recommended measures include:

1. Storing car keys safely at night to prevent remote signal manipulation.
2. Parking in secure locations, like a garage or well-lit areas.
3. Double-checking that the doors are locked and windows are closed before leaving the car unattended.
4. Removing personal items from the car or keeping them out of sight.
5. Considering fitting an alarm or tracker to enhance security.
6. Ensuring keys are not left in the ignition when leaving the car unattended, as this can lead to claims being declined.

Despite the increasing sophistication of car thieves and their tactics, taking these precautions can significantly reduce the risk of car theft.

Tesco Bank’s claims director, Dave Thompson, emphasized the need for car owners to stay cautious, especially as thieves become more sophisticated. He urged vehicle owners to follow these security measures and safeguard their cars against theft.

The study’s findings come in the wake of rising car insurance premiums, which now stand at a record high, with the average driver paying £776 a year. Motor cover costs surged by 18% in the three months leading up to July, making it one of the most expensive household bills. As the cost of living crisis continues and Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) takes effect, these new statistics serve as a reminder for car owners to remain vigilant in protecting their vehicles from potential theft.

For those who have experienced car theft or parts theft, it’s reported that only one in 20 car thefts result in a conviction. Additionally, in two-thirds of cases, the police fail to identify a suspect, highlighting the importance of taking proactive security measures.


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