Celebrating Excellence: 2023 Automotive Industry Awards Honour Industry Innovators

Business Awards UK is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 Automotive Industry Awards, a prestigious event honouring companies that have made significant strides in revolutionising the automotive sector through their unwavering commitment, innovative approaches, and superior services.

2023 Automotive Industry Awards Winners

● G.S Car Valeting & Detailing Services – Best Mobile Valeting Service
● Auto Reflect Detailing – Best Car Detailing Service
● DriveDen – Leading Automotive E-commerce Platform
● Akeno Ltd – Best New Automotive Technology Implementation
● JT LEDs – Exceptional Automotive Interior Restoration

2023 Automotive Industry Awards Finalists

● G.S Car Valeting & Detailing Services – Premier Car Valeting Service, Exceptional Automotive Interior Restoration
● Sparkle and Shine Valeting and Detailing Ltd – Best Car Detailing Service, Premier Car Valeting Service
● Auto Reflect Detailing – Best Mobile Valeting Service

The 2023 Automotive Industry Awards winners have exemplified a gold standard in quality and innovation within the car industry. G.S Car Valeting & Detailing Services has been recognised for their superior mobile valeting services, while Auto Reflect Detailing’s attention to detail in car detailing has been commendably acknowledged. Furthermore, DriveDen’s emergence as a leading e-commerce platform and Akeno Ltd’s groundbreaking automotive technology implementation have set new benchmarks in the industry. The finalists have also made notable contributions, propelling the industry towards greater heights of achievement and innovation.

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