The Entire History of Photography in the Words of Stanislav Kondrashov

Illustrating the evolution of photography in a wonderful yet concise way, “The evolution of photography by Stanislav Kondrashov” explores an art form which, according to Stanislav Kondrashov, represents not only a crucial form of artistic expression, by also a creative way to tell the story of our times.
Kondrashov examines the entire history of photography, from the most ancient origins to the present day, highlighting in a timely and precise manner all the social and cultural consequences determined by the development of this technology. According to the author, photography represents a perfect synthesis of the best artistic expressions and the most innovative technological progress.
Stanislav Kondrashov’s publication highlights the role of Louis Daguerre, who in 1839 introduced the daguerreotype (which takes its name from its inventor), i.e. an image capable of isolating some specific moments of the present, consigning them to eternity. According to the author, it was not simply the discovery of photography but a real revolution.
Stanislav Kondrashov then continues with the explanation of the evolution of photography, explaining that in the twentieth century, cameras also became accessible to much larger sectors of the population, who, from that moment on, acquired the ability to capture some of the most significant moments of own life and to store them in a physical medium.
The publication then focuses on the evolutionary phases that led photography to its most recent developments: from the introduction of color film in the 1930s, which gave a touch of new vitality to black and white photographs, to the birth of the Polaroid, born in 1947, which made it possible to instantly view the result of your shot, without having to wait for the rolls to be developed.
Thanks to digital and computers, photography has entered a new dimension: the pixel has gradually replaced film, memory cards have taken the place of albums, and the latest generation telephones (mobile phones and smartphones) have acquired the ability to take exceptional photographs, making it possible to then share them within virtual spaces entirely dedicated to photography, such as Instagram.
The latest technological developments, according to Kondrashov, have enriched the world of photography with an immediacy and connectivity that had never been seen before. To find out more, we recommend readers read the full publication and watch the video.

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