Embarking on an Enigmatic Odyssey Through Time with Author Jude Morrow’s Forthcoming Masterpiece ‘Dan Cooper’

Jude Morrow, the acclaimed author with a unique perspective as an autistic individual, unveils his latest opus, ‘Dan Cooper,’ poised for release on the literary stage on October 30, 2023. This enthralling narrative delves into the enigma that shrouds one of aviation’s most perplexing conundrums: the audacious hijacking of Northwest Orient Flight 305 on November 24, 1971, orchestrated by the enigmatic figure ‘Dan Cooper,’ often referred to as ‘DB Cooper.’

The Tale Unveiled:

On a chilling evening in the Pacific Northwest, an enigmatic persona named ‘Dan Cooper’ boards Northwest Orient Flight 305, embarking on a journey from Portland to Seattle. Carrying a briefcase laden with explosives and a resolute determination to vanish into obscurity, he coerces $200,000 in ransom and secures four parachutes, meticulously delivered to him on the tarmac of SeaTac International Airport. Following the release of passengers and a demand for the aircraft to ascend once more, Cooper makes a daring leap into the abyss from the aft staircase of a Boeing 727, mid-flight between Seattle and Reno. However, beneath the veneer of this audacious exploit, ‘Dan’ conceals a tapestry of clandestine Canadian origins, wartime exploits, and a life that challenges conventional perceptions. As the global search for him intensifies, FBI agent Clifford Harding grapples with the enigmatic motives underpinning his relentless pursuit.

Jude Morrow’s Artistry:

Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, and renowned for his immersive forays into intricate narratives, Jude possesses an unparalleled knack for authentic storytelling that has garnered widespread acclaim. His previous literary endeavors, most notably ‘The Ghosts of Riots Past,’ earned him international plaudits. Jude’s literary prowess extends to introspective works detailing his experiences as an autistic child and adult in his initial two publications: ‘Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?’ – recipient of the Living Now Book Awards Gold Medal, and ‘Loving Your Place on The Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint,’ both published by Beyond Words, the imprint responsible for ‘The Secret.’ His intellectual influence has also extended to two TEDx Talks, making him a sought-after figure on the conference and post-dinner speaking circuits. Furthermore, he garnered recognition in Forbes in February 2023.

Beyond the realm of literature, Jude has emerged as the visionary founder of Neurodiversity Training International, and the creative force behind the innovative EndeeSphere application. Unconstrained by conventional boundaries, Jude even undertook rigorous skydiving training to imbue ‘Dan Cooper’s’ harrowing descent with unparalleled authenticity. The novel’s dual narrative, artfully entwining Cooper’s perspective with the FBI’s relentless pursuit, promises readers an emotional rollercoaster replete with profound insights.

Jude elucidates, “I was immediately captivated by the story of DB Cooper and wanted to get inside the man’s head; why did he do this? What happened to him? and how did he do it? I read through the FBI paperwork and witness statements and used everything everyone said about Cooper to craft a believable character. Some say that taking up skydiving to write a book is extreme, but then again, James Cameron had a nearly full-size replica of Titanic built for his 1997 film!”

The Significance of This Magnum Opus:

In light of the recent global fascination with DB Cooper, particularly catalysed by the success of the Netflix series “DB Cooper Where are You?,” Morrow’s literary endeavor could not be timelier. Jude elucidates, “The story of DB Cooper fascinated me. Delving into the psyche of such a man and crafting a believable character of Cooper, why he did what he did, and where he went afterwards using real case evidence and testimonies from those who saw and interacted with him.”

CooperCon Presentation:

Devotees of both Jude Morrow and the DB Cooper enigma will have the unique opportunity to engage with the author at the upcoming CooperCon festival, set to transpire at Boeing Field, Seattle, commencing on November 17th, 2023. This event promises in-depth discussions revolving around Jude’s literary masterpiece and the historical conundrum that served as its foundation. Organised by Cooper sleuth Eric Ulis, in conjunction with other dedicated investigators and historians from the DB Cooper Mystery Group on Facebook, CooperCon guarantees an intellectually stimulating experience.

Early Appraisals:

Early readers have lauded the novel’s distinctive narrative voice, underscoring its nuanced portrayal of the psychological trauma endured by both passengers and crew members. Coupled with an authentic first-person account from Cooper and a heart-stopping climax, ‘Dan Cooper’ is poised to rekindle interest in the enigmatic saga of ‘DB Cooper.’ Jude’s decision to independently publish ensures unbridled, unvarnished storytelling, enabling characters to shine untethered from mainstream constraints.


‘Dan Cooper’ is slated for release on Amazon, with the grand unveiling scheduled for October 30th, 2023, in both paperback and e-book formats. Subsequently, it will enjoy wider distribution across major online booksellers in the ensuing weeks.

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