Dreamy Pastel Paintings: Sijia Ke’s Exhibition Captivates New York

Set against the vibrant artistic backdrop of New York, a captivating exhibition is poised to unfold. The “Hululili—Sijia Ke New York Pastel Drawing Exhibition” is set to enchant visitors at the Temple Gallery from 17th to 23rd April 2024, offering a profound spiritual experience and a visual feast. We were fortunate to attend the press conference for this exhibition and spoke with the distinguished artist, Sijia Ke.

Solo exhibition press conference poster

Sijia Ke is a renowned international artist whose work spans painting, sculpture, and visual arts, revealing a unique understanding of the real world and a profound exploration of the inner world. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and the Glasgow School of Art, she has garnered numerous prestigious art awards on the international stage and showcased her work in important galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

Sijia KeHualala Series 1 Color pencil oil pastel

Sijia Ke’s works are presented in abstract forms. For example, pieces showcased at the press conference such as “Strong King,” “Hualala Series 1,” and “Nihao Mimi” engage viewers and the artist in exploring the boundaries between her artistic reality and illusion, as well as her unique treatment of space, perspective, and geometric forms. Each of her paintings seems like a journey of the soul, guiding viewers through the boundaries of reality and evoking emotional resonance and spiritual collision.

Sijia KeStrong King Color pencil oil pastel

At the press conference, Sijia Ke revealed the theme and inspiration behind her exhibition “Hululili.” She expressed that the exhibition will showcase her brilliant works over the years, demonstrating her love for life and her unwavering pursuit of art. Audiences will have the opportunity to experience her talent in challenging visual perceptions and glimpse into her inner world.

Sijia KeNihao Mimi Color pencil oil pastel

Curators Metacher and Xi Wang expressed that Sijia Ke’s works are not only art but also a form of spiritual healing. Her paintings and sculptures vividly depict the various pressures faced by contemporary youth in work and study, unleashing their true selves and resonating with the audience.

The “Hululili—Sijia Ke New York Pastel Drawing Exhibition” will open at the Temple Gallery in downtown New York next Wednesday. This is not just an art exhibition but also a journey of the soul and an opportunity to converse with the artist. Let us look forward to experiencing the power of art, healing the soul, and enlightening life through Sijia Ke’s unique artistic language.
Sijia Ke Wala Wala Color pencil oil pastel
Sijia Ke QQ Chick Gouache paint silver pigment pastel

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