Artist Creates Stunning Celeb Portraits Using Old Jeans – Marilyn Monroe to David Bowie

A talented artist has captured the essence of famous celebrities in stunning portraits made entirely out of old jeans, showcasing icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, and Brooke Shields.

Cristiam Ramos, a 43-year-old artist from Orlando, Florida, has established denim as his unique signature material, although he has also experimented with other unconventional items such as butterflies, toilet rolls, toothpaste, and sweets to create his extraordinary art pieces.

Each denim artwork takes Cristiam approximately three to four weeks to complete, working over eight hours a day. The intricate process involves meticulously arranging over 20,000 small pieces of blue jeans, with Cristiam having used more than 80 pairs of jeans in his collection.

For Cristiam, jeans symbolize rebellion, sensuality, freedom, and joy, and he aims to convey these emotions through his artwork. Inspired by cinema and fashion, he believes that these two artistic expressions play significant roles in society, evoking emotions and reflecting the times we live in. Denim, in particular, has transformed from workwear for the lower class to a staple in high fashion.

Cristiam meticulously selects jeans of different brands, incorporating both new and old denim, to achieve the desired tones and realism in his pieces. He follows a technique similar to painting with oil or acrylic, starting with darker tones and gradually introducing lighter shades, meticulously gluing each piece until the artwork is complete.

Art has been Cristiam’s passion since childhood, and he began experimenting with various materials at a young age. He shares his impressive creations on his Instagram account, where he documents his artistic process.

His breathtaking Marilyn Monroe portrait, showcased in a video on Instagram, highlights the painstaking process of cutting and layering pieces of different jeans to bring the iconic figure to life. The video has garnered thousands of views and enthusiastic comments from impressed fans.

Cristiam’s artistry continues to inspire and challenge him, as he seeks to encourage young people and children to embrace their creativity and utilize different materials to create art. He believes that there are endless possibilities for artistic expression and innovation.

With his exceptional talent and unique choice of medium, Cristiam Ramos continues to captivate art enthusiasts and admirers of his awe-inspiring denim portraits.

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