New Book Released to Aid Businesses in Harnessing Generative AI

A newly launched book aims to assist businesses in utilising AI, authored by two industry specialists.

‘The A-Z of Generative AI – A Guide to Leveraging AI for Business’ has been compiled by Kieran Gilmurray and Olivier Gomez. It seeks to demystify complex technical concepts, rendering them in simple, comprehensible language tailored for business professionals who lack a background in technology but need to comprehend the strategic ramifications of AI through real-world examples and clear explanations.

The book features examples of how AI can be employed across various job roles and functions, from Attorneys to Registered Nurses, providing example prompts. It also explores innovative AI use cases such as fashion design, where it can create realistic and innovative garment designs, personalise clothing according to individual preferences, and streamline production processes.

The guide is organised into 26 (‘A’ to ‘Z’) distinct chapters encompassing a range of Generative AI concepts, best practices, example prompts, and commonly used terminology.

Kieran Gilmurray is an internationally acclaimed AI expert with 30 years of experience in developing data analytics, automation, process improvement, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies solutions.

Kieran said: “You’ve probably heard that artificial intelligence can lower costs, drive better decision making, and improve your productivity and profitability, but these benefits don’t come just from flipping a switch. The reality is there’s a big margin for error here. Wasted costs from a poorly imagined or implemented Generative AI programme can be significant.

“We wrote this book to try and stop that from happening. What we want to do is make it easier for people like you to make sense of what this tech really means for a business. Readers should see this book as an A-Z of all you need to know or at least, to get the basics and find out more.”

Olivier Gomez is a globally recognised authority in Automation, AI, and Digital Transformation. With over 25 years of senior executive experience, Olivier has led complex transformations for large, global organisations.

Olivier said: “‘The A-Z of Generative AI’ is not just another technical manual filled with jargon and complex concepts. It’s a comprehensive guide designed specifically for non-technical readers which breaks down the complex world of Generative AI into understandable, bite-sized pieces, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their technical background.”

The book has been exceptionally well-received by the industry. Tom Allen, Founder and CEO of The AI Journal said: “This book showcases successful business cases and highlights the potential for significant returns on investment.

“By leveraging the expertise of Kieran and Olivier, readers can enhance customer experiences and accelerate business growth. Their guidance facilitates a smoother journey towards mastering and implementing GenAI.”

‘The A-Z of Generative AI – A Guide to Leveraging AI for Business’ is available for purchase from Amazon.

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