Genie AI Launches Advanced AI Legal Assistant for Businesses – Free During Beta Phase

Genie AI, a London-based AI legal tech company, has introduced the first public version of its AI legal assistant, offering free usage during its beta phase.

This innovative technology can seamlessly integrate with your legal documents, regardless of their length or complexity. It is equipped to engage in conversations, comprehend intricate queries about your documents, and provide detailed responses by referring to specific clauses or schedules. Over time, it customises its responses based on your unique needs, business context, and legal preferences, leveraging past interactions to interpret context accurately.

Genie AI also offers example prompts, verified by senior lawyers, to help users harness the full potential of their AI legal assistant. With 25,000 users already benefiting from this tool, it has become a “secret weapon” during contract negotiations.

Rachel Coles, a Payroll Manager and Genie AI user, expresses her satisfaction: “Genie’s AI legal assistant is the perfect support for a legal contract – I can ask for definitions on terms I’m unsure of and feel confident that my contract is reliable. It’s going to be so helpful for companies like mine moving forward.”

Legal AI is not only embraced by business managers; according to a 2023 survey by Thomson Reuters, 82% of law firms believe that generative AI can efficiently enhance legal work.

The first version of Genie’s AI legal assistant leverages various AI models to deliver effective results. Genie augments these models with rigorous testing, relevant legal and commercial context, and user analytics to ensure highly accurate responses, surpassing the performance of standalone models like GPT-4.

Nitish Mutha, CTO and co-founder of Genie AI, explains, “This initial public release of our AI Assistant showcases just the chat infrastructure, but soon users won’t just get answers to questions, they’ll get an AI agent which directly edits and updates their legal documents. Our goal is to create an AI legal assistant which acts just like a team member, but accomplishing work at 100x the speed, while accessing a mass of knowledge that no one person or law firm alone could possibly hold.”

Genie AI’s future roadmap includes introducing a range of legal AI ‘spells’ to its AI assistant portfolio, aimed at offering highly personalised and context-specific legal assistance. These applications will range from reviewing documents (or entire datasets) with specified risk criteria to customising documents based on changes in case law, and even creating entirely tailored agreements from scratch.

To obtain feedback from the public, Genie AI is offering unlimited free usage during its beta phase.

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