AI: Benefits & Challenges for Business – Liverpool Event

The Liverpool Advanced Methods for Big Data Analytics (LAMBDA) Research Cluster is set to host a pivotal roundtable event titled “AI: Benefits & Challenges for Business.” This event aims to bring together leading AI professionals to discuss and debate the impact of artificial intelligence across various sectors, including transport and logistics, defence, agriculture, and insurance.

Scheduled to take place at the Management School, University of Liverpool, the event will run from 2pm to 5pm on Friday, 7th June.

The roundtable will feature keynote speakers who are renowned experts in the field of AI and data science. Their insights will provide a comprehensive understanding of the current and future landscape of AI applications and the associated challenges.

Keynote Speakers Attending:

  • Pauline Norstrom: Founder and CEO of Anekanta Consulting and AnekantaAI, Pauline is a global advocate for responsible AI. With over two decades of experience in corporate leadership and innovation, she focuses on ethical AI use, risk management, and compliance with the EU AI Act and GDPR. Pauline advises multinational organisations on the effective and lawful deployment of high-risk AI technologies, including biometrics.
  • Radhika Jakkula: A Big Data & Analytics Prototyping Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Radhika specialises in designing and implementing large-scale data solutions. Her technical expertise spans a broad range of tools and platforms, including Spark, Python, Hive, PostgreSQL, and Kubernetes. She is skilled at leveraging AWS infrastructure to optimise data analytics and big data applications.
  • Michael O’Keefe: With a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics, Michael serves as a Data Scientist at Raytheon UK. His background in high-energy physics provides a unique perspective on data analysis and scientific modelling, crucial for advancing AI applications in defence and other high-stakes industries.
  • Olivia Bridgewater-Smith: A Data Scientist at HSAT, Olivia focuses on predictive modelling in agriculture, particularly soft commodities, and is developing CropGPT, a new AI platform. Liv’s PhD in Soft Robotics and MEng in Mechanical Engineering underline her expertise in the mathematical and scientific modelling of physical systems, enabling precise crop predictions on a global scale.
  • Edgar Everardo García Aguilar: Currently a Data Scientist at AXA UK, Edgar has over five years of experience in Statistical Process Control and Project Management within the automotive industry. His academic background in Data Science and skills in Python, SQL, and machine learning make him a valuable contributor to discussions on AI’s role in business optimisation.

The roundtable promises to be a dynamic forum for exploring the potential of AI while also addressing the ethical, legal, and practical challenges. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders and gain actionable insights to drive innovation in their respective fields.

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